Member Benefits

All members shall have priority and/or concessions for:

  • Participating in the Society's activities and functions.
  • The use of Gurdwara premises, its equipment and facilities.
  • Assistance organising of any religious function whether it be in the Gurdwara or on private premises.
  • Receiving financial and other assistance in sporting and cultural events representing the Society.
  • Representation in dealing with Government Departments and Statutory Authorities.
  • Charges that may be applicable for hiring Gurdwara equipment, and for functions that are open to non-members.

Ordinary Member Annual Fees

Family (Husband, Wife & Child under 16)




Pensioner (Single)


Life (Single)

$500 (one off)

Associate Member Annual Fees


$40 (all categories of Associate Membership)

Outside Adelaide Metropolitan Area, Interstate and Overseas


Associate Life (Single)

$500 (one off)