[a] Ordinary Members
Family (Husband/Wife & Child under 16):

Pensioner (Single):

Life (Single):

[b] Associate Members
Outside Adelaide Metro Area,Interstate & Overseas:
Associate Life (Single):


$500.00 (One-off)

$40.00 (all Categories of Associate Membership)


For further information please email:

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Members Benefits

All members shall have priority and/or concessions in:

1. Participating in the Society's activities and functions.
2. The use of Gurdwara premises, its equipment, and facilities
3. Assistance in the organisation of any religious function whether it be in the Gurdwara or private premises
4. Receiving financial and any other assistance in sporting and cultural events representing the Society.
5. Representation in dealing with Government Departments and Statutory Authorities.
6. Charges that may be applicable in the hire of Gurdwara equipment, and functions that are open to non members.